Who is Sara Galindo? ​ 

Sara Galindo is one of the most important fashion figures in Latin America. She has united the creative industries to position the Mexican design proposal as a true luxury in the eyes of the world. 

She was Executive Editor of ELLE México magazine for 14 years and creator of “México Diseña by ELLE”. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found Mexicouture, the country's premier fashion e-commerce platform, and Diseñando México 32, an initiative that encourages creative industries through fashion, rescuing iconic pieces of Mexican clothing by joining contemporary designers with traditional artisans. She is the author of the book "TÚ, YOU, TOI", currently in its third reprint, and starred on "México Diseña by ELLE" and "Cámbiame el look", both on E! Entertainment television. 

She also put together the team that created KM33, a concept of exclusive resort stores located in Los Cabos, Tulum and Punta Mita, which feature the best Latin American designers, both emerging and recognized. With the help of Yeshua Herrera and the artisans of Hidalgo, she created the KM33 collection, which is positioned today as one of the world's top brands in its genre. 

She and designer Eleazar Rosado created SGxEleazar, a concept of unique coats that was originally formed by three capsule collections and that today grows organically. SGXEleazar has been presented in pop-up stores in Geneva, Madrid, and throughout Mexico, with many more to come. 

Who is Eleazar Rosado? ​

Eleazar is the fashion designer, a graduate of the Instituto Nacional des Bellas Artes y Literatura, in whom Sara has placed all her trust. In 2014, he participated in ELLE México Diseña, a contest in which he delighted Jean Paul Gaultier and Sara Galindo. In 2018, Sara reached out to Eleazar and together they formed SGXEleazar, an extraordinary collaboration. Eleazar is also the creator of the successful men's swimwear brand ER Swimwear, and is currently working with Sara in creating several more collections.


​The concept is about our understanding of history, nature, peace, and our hope for reconnection. It comes from a profound love for oneself, and our real empathy for those who surround us. It is inspired by our unique country, our appreciation of its easy luxuries, rich life, simple quality, passionate history and genuine creativity. Each collection originates in the idea of total love, of a world with a new consciousness of its connectedness and shared beginnings.